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K3®-F: Cardboard-plastic packaging conquers new markets

Whether yogurt, cream cheese, or muesli packaging, the K3® cardboard-plastic combinations from Greiner Packaging have been very popular for years. The K3®-F, equipped with a special folding wrap, is now catching a lot of attention in other branches as well. The solution not only meets environmental and design demands, but also helps reduce inventory to a minimum.

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Greiner: 150 years

The Greiner Group is one of the leading companies in the plastic and foam industry. Diversification, innovation and globalization characterize the success of the Group. Greiner is active in the packaging, furniture and automotive industries, in the medical technology and life science sectors, as well as in profile extrusion.

In 2018 Greiner Group celebrates its 150th anniversary. What started 1868 in Nürtingen, Germany, with the foundation of a general store by Carl Albert and his wife Emilie, today is a globally successful family company with more than 10,000 employees in 33 countries.

Let’s celebrate! Greiner turns 150.

On New Years Eve the Greiner Group rang in its 150th anniversary with a musical firework display in Kremsmünster.

More than 1,000 visitors met on the „Rathausplatz“ in Kremsmünster, Upper Austria, and marveled at the fireworks display which lasted for about 10 minutes and were mainly in cyan blue, the Greiner color. They were accompanied by an atmospheric musical travel through classic, rock and pop. For the physical well-being the local innkeepers cared for.

Greiner: Globally-Active Family Company

Greiner was founded in 1868 in Germany and 1899 in Austria, and since then has been entirely in family ownership. The diversification of products and markets is one of the group’s assets in plastic processing in Austria and provides the basis for continuous growth.

Under the roof of Greiner Holding AG (GHO) Greiner Group is composed of four operating divisions (Greiner Packaging International, Greiner Bio-One International, Greiner Foam International, Greiner Extrusion Group). Together, the divisions operate more than 130 locations (production and sales sites) around the world.


The Greiner Group compliance system has been in place since 2012 and covers all divisions. Each division has its own compliance officer, and local compliance officers have also been stationed at each of the international sites. Greiner Holding AG is responsible for managing the compliance system, that has been certified by Austrian Standards according to ISO 19600 and ONR 192050.

To form the basis for the compliance system, the Greiner Group established a code of conduct that is intended to guarantee the long-term development of the company moving forward. Rules of conduct were derived from the Greiner philosophy, which focuses on principles such as longevity, trust and responsibility, and set in stone in this code. The code of conduct has been made available to all of our employees, and all of our customers and business partners are able to access it, too.

The code is intended to help ensure the integrity of the conduct of Greiner Group employees in the long term.

Violations of this code of conduct can be reported under tell-greiner.at, Greiner’s whistle-blowing portal.


Greiner Group Compliance Manager & General Counsel


Maximilian Wellner

Maximilian Wellner
Greiner Holding AG
Tel.: +43 7583 7251-60277

Greiner in Figures

Key performance indicators of Greiner Holding AG (GHO)

The Greiner Group Annual Report of the financial year 2016 can be downloaded as PDF. To view it please install the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, that you can download here.